Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We've been terribly forgetful about this lovely space, and our apologies for that! We've had a lovely last few months.

We've also been running a monthly, with Pink Mafia, over at Czehoski's ( 678 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON), the first Saturday of every month. Despite a few setbacks, these have turned out to be a sweaty ball of fun as well, and it gives our own John E his very own stage to show off his spastic set of foot-skills.

At the end of this month (March 27th), we've been invited to perform alongside picturesound as well as our good friend Curtis Santiago at the Annex Wreckroom (794 Bathurst St, Toronto). Groovin music, plus some real cheap drinks!

Check out the links below for the Myspaces of Curtis Santiago and picturesound!

So, for the best in sixties soul, pop, garage and r&b, come visit us.


The In Crowd.

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